sexta-feira, setembro 30, 2005

My gift for Edith

I've been on the road
I've been on vacation
I've been travelling light to reach my final destination

Now I'm coming home

So tell the girls that I am back in town
You'd better tell them to beware
Well they may go or they might try to hide
I follow on and I'll be there
So tell the girls that I am back in town
And if it's true I do not know
That every girl around had missed me since
I decided to go

I could be your friend
I could be your stranger
I could be the one your mother said would be a danger
Now it's up to you

Jay-Jay Johanson, "So tell the girls that I am back in town"; Whiskey

6 comentários:

Ricardo Salazar disse...

go minnettes go.. kil kill kill ayassole!!!

Anónimo disse...

In your photo I can see your physiognomy is likeness an arabian guy.........are you arabian?, I guess you´re 35-36 years old, aren´t you?

AloiseCorbaz disse...

I´m not "el usuario anónimo dijo...", I´m Aloise Corbaz, bye guys... or gays?

anatoli disse...

aloise, i love you!

come here and kebab me!

do the locomotion!!

uh! ah! baby! you make me sweat!!

AloiseCorbaz disse...

Anatoli I love you!, now I´m in Formentera with "cagalera", I love Spain, you have to visit me
I spend all day in my island making love, Smoking grass & drinking vodka
Oh, this is like a dream...

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