terça-feira, março 07, 2006

A contagem não pára!
A semana de total comemoração está libidinosamente entregue à mais insana loucura....
Os tambores estão frenéticos qual galera romana em hora de ponta e dizem:
R - A - D - I - O ! R - A - D - I - O ! R - A - D - I - O ! R - A - D - I - O ! R - A - D - I - O !
Os nativos já só páram com electrochoques e a princesa já não é virgem por isso será sacrificada ao rei kong que é menos esquisito!

365 dias de doce masoquismo no dia 12 de Março.
Radioboys & Radiogirls
the time is right
we got the power
Radio On!
this is the power of the A.M.
1 aniversário = 4 dias de Festa
check this out!!!!!!
Dj Soul Glow
( uma lenda na alemanha como bekenbauer, a bayer os ni-belungos e boris becker)
soul * funky & ska
Dj Sto. Diablo ( Mr. Álvaro Costa )
The Real Radio Head
Pasteleira Supreme
Dj Miguel Quintão ( Antenna 3 )
Half a Zig - Half a Zag
Radio All Stars
Como 13 Bolas Negras 13 são melhores que a Bola Branca
Fritus Potatoes Suicide
Tree Eléctrico
Tony The ( fucky virgin princesses ) Pony
Salazar Inc. ( who caught it on tape )
Joe, The Lion
Double J´s
Joseph K
L. Liberal
E muitos... muitos muitos outros!!!!
Se o tempo o permitir... Frank Sinatra

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Anónimo disse...

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Ol' blue eyes disse...

Sorry Rick, I won't be able to go. Myself, Dean and Sammy have a show at Heavens' Sands. St. Peter will be there, and the word is that naughty Maria Magdalena will go backstage after the gig to cheer up our spirits.
I hope this will be different from last time we played there, when all the box office was robbed by the good thief. The motherfucker takes advantage of the fact that they've got no cops over there. Maybe we can get some bodyguards with us.


Ricardo Salazar disse...

that´s life (or after life more, so...)...

we got an ouija board so see if you can come by later...in good spirits, ´mkay?

ol' blue eyes disse...

Little 0ne, don't mess with things you don't know shit about, or I'll talk with the big red one to get you come fly with me so I can play the flute for you. Or else stick three coins up your ass.

frankie (do you remember me?...)

Ricardo Salazar disse...

one for my baby and one for you...old rotten corpse...
hey, how´s sammy going? you and him been doing your old "gay strangers in the night" routine?

it was a very good year..for sissies and horses...

sammy disse...

you fuckin' faggot joint manager, you little cunt, you fuckfaced possum, how the fuck you dare speaking bout me in that manner, you fantasy island character wannabe?


Ricardo Salazar disse...

shut up you nigger mel torme... if you were born 2 miles down south instead of singin you would be pickin´ cotton...

rat pack, rat´s ass, more like it...

big black mothafucka disse...

oh yeah mothafucka? so this here nigga will learn ya not to mess with our kind, dead or alive, and will treat your white ass in the same exact way that brotha reinaldo did to poor sweet laura, while you pick cotton from the dancefloor with your tongue. be sure, next saturday body count WILL BE on da house, and it's gonna be hUUUUUUUUUUUUUUge!

waitin' round the bend,

Ricardo Salazar disse...

you scare me rodney...i just shat me pants...

Rod Stewart disse...

you called me, rick dear? what, ya want my body?

Ricardo Salazar disse...

no, i just think you´re sexy...

atari disse...

grande festa de aniversario! pena no domingo ter q trabalhar as 10h... pró ano há mais! continuem

o Invejoso disse...

Sinceramente eu odiei a Festa pelas várias razoes e passo a citar:

A musica é boa de mais.

O ambiente e muito interessante (tanta nina bonita)

A decoração e muito cool

o Local e lindo


O invejoso