quarta-feira, fevereiro 15, 2006

And where do we go from here?

Banda Sonora para road movie pós-valentine
Secção I
"...love´s a burning thing..."
frank sinatra - it was a very good year
einsturzende neubauten - sand
johnny cash - ring of fire
cat power - naked if i want to
pj harvey - the dancer
hugo largo - fancy
yeah yeah yeahs - maps
chris bell - you and your sister
Secção II
..." don´t want to drink at home again tonight, so baby let´s go out tonite...
julee cruise - summer kisses, winter tears;
tarnation - two wrongs won´t make things right
beach boys - forever
brian eno + john cale - the river
nick cave - stranger than kindness
triffids - tender is the night ( the long fidelity )
Secção III
"...essa saudade que eu sinto do que ainda não vivi..."
carl orff - musica poetica
yo la tengo - you can have it all
legião urbana - indios
wolf parade - you are a runner and i´m my fathers son
old jerusalem - 180 days
apartments - not every clown can be in the circus
Secção IV
"i got to see you jupiter , ´cause i´m in trouble with the law..."
grant lee buffalo - jupiter and teardrop
dead can dance - severance
mazzy star - blue light
jesus and mary chain - just like honey
ronnetes - be my baby
Secção V
"...I ´d like to know completly what the soul discretly talks about..."
clinic - distortions
breeders - drivin on 9
elliot smith - needle in the hay
sebadoh - together or alone
sparklehorse - mary´s little elbows
lady & bird - suicide is painless
big star - 13
velvet underground - candy says
Secção VI
"...berber jewlery jangling down the street..."
beat happening - indian summer
jans lekman - if you ever need a stranger to sing at your wedding
montgolfier brothers - between two points
paul quinn + edwin collins - pale blue eyes
rolling stones - shine a light
Secção VII
"...next time i´ll break every bone in your body..."
martin l. gore - in a manner of speaking
gift - are you near?
david sylvian - when poets dream of angels
lou reed - caroline says II
leonard cohen - famous blue raincoat
serge gainsbourg - melody nelson
cocorosie - by your side
sufjan stevens - casimir pulaski day
Secção VIII
"...it was a train that took me away from you..."
bonnie prince billy - i see a darkness
6ths´s featuring bob mould - he didn´t
tom waits - train song
galaxie 500 - when will you come home?
church - under the milky way
luna - waiting on a friend
prefab sprout - goodbye lucille # 1
Secção IX
"...long ago and faraway... you played a sad guitar..."
dj shadow - midnight at a perfect world
carpenters - superstar
bob dylan - it´s all over now baby blue
david bowie - always crashing in the same car
brian eno - everything merges with the night
hank williams - lost highway
"my huckleberry friend and me"
frank sinatra - moon river
echo & the bunnymen - ocean rain

8 comentários:

mar disse...

what more can i say???
de joelhos...u know every single word.
e a música toda passou por aqui.

O Puto disse...

Ricardo, que selecção fabulosa, refinada e rebuscada! Os meus parabéns!

Ricardo Salazar disse...

thank you, Mr. P.
Thank y-o-u.

preparem as câmeras.
luzes câmera acion!

Joe disse...


Woooooooo, Mr. Luv... Bela selecção, embora eu preferisse o Moonriver cantado pela Audrey.
Eu limitei-me a tentar assinalar a data com o "The lexicon of love", mas a menina não gosta.

Ricardo Salazar disse...

the lady don´t mind....
just hope she didn´t jump out of the window

Joe disse...

Nope, she only turned and smiled, and I kinda like that style.

Estou á espera de 1 visita...

Ayatollah_Baloni disse...

wow wow wow... grande selecçao brother... serge gainsbourg, hank willie... talvez no proximo ano ja todos estarao preparados para as minhas musicas...

dj duck disse...

O Amor passa por aqui...
dj duck